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Our honor & awardsOur honor & awards

AKGC – a company with an impressive expertise!

In addition, our company is the owner of multiple international awards for the quality, commitment and the best level of service. We are not resting on our laurels, and every day we raise the level of our work to a higher level. Our company is proud of its achievements. And in each of them there is the contribution of our clients.

Through continuous development and implementation of new technologies, our company year after year surprise the audience with their capabilities and products. Permanent and hard work over the quality of products has long been a part of our development strategy.

Time – the most expensive resource! Spend time on the most productive areas. AKGC offers a full range of construction services. Since you will be working the best professionals of construction sector. Great experience in international cooperation enables us to provide construction services to both national and international customers.

Exhibition of Construction 2017(G.C)
1-st. place

We are proud to present you with his victory in the prestigious annual competition. Thanks to the huge efforts we have received deserved this award.

የኦሮሚያ ገቢዎች ባለስልጣን
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