We are proud of our past and strive to a successful future...

Our history

History AKGC has more than 20 years of productive work.

Back in 1989, Mr. Alemayehu Ketema became the founder of a small construction company, which was engaged in the construction of residential buildings. During the next 10 years, high quality and speed of work made AKGC leading company in this industry. After this 10 years, the company expanded its activities and became involved in civil engineering. After a year we started to produce construction materials.

And after another 5 years of AKGC started the development of agricultural areas. Proper cultivation of organic coffee and honey allowed to sell in the company.

A little later – after 3 years, departments of logistics and real estate development have been established. Today, the state employees group company AKGC has about 1330 professionals at various levels. The number of ongoing projects increased to 7 units nationwide. Park of industrial and construction machinery counts more than 845 units. This year we have opened a new trend – the logistics and commerce.

Our company now employs a large number of experienced professionals and we are doing everything possible for the development and prosperity of our company.


Started construction company

In 1989, in the city of Metu, by Mr. Alemayehu Ketema the small construction company was created.

A small team of enthusiasts took up the repair of buildings and building residential constructions. Basically, the work taken building workshops and warehouses – roof replacement and exterior trim works.

Construction services


AKGC Established in 1989 with the main objective to construct high-end quality residential houses considering the demand of quality housing with its facilities.

Civil engineering

Road Project

What is a project road?
A project roadmap is a basic visual representation of what is expected to happen during a project, and when. It lays out the project in a digestible timeline format that will keep all project stakeholders on the same page.
Road Project

Irrigation Development Project

The project focuses on areas where people have some access to productive resources, and particularly on people living within existing or new irrigation schemes..

Agriculture services

Real Estate

Our company built Real estate by being with CCD PLC which is beautiful and attractive.

Logistic services