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Our team has about 1330 professionals. Take a look at the best of them! Each of them has an impressive experience in their field. These people are doing everything accurately, quickly and accurately. Our company’s success is based on such specialists. This is the pride of our company. Almost any question we can handle quickly and decisively. Since the company has a large number of areas, to forward the issue in the right direction an important task. Integrity, honesty, and quality are our values. We protect and defend these values.

Integrity, honesty and quality are our values.

Stuff members are regularly held specialized training courses, so their preparation is not in doubt. Extensive experience allows our experts to help you in any situation.

Special packages of health insurance, a company car, payment of fuel and maintenance. We are doing everything possible, what would your work comfortable and efficient.

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AKGC – is a company with years of experience in several direction. We are constantly evolving and becoming more perfect.

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