Country Club Developers P.L.C Real Estate

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Country Club Developers P.L.C    Real Estate

Country Club Developers P.L.C is a big real estate company located in Legatafo, a place located 12 km from Megenagna or 20 km from piazza. Country club builds high quality villas for the high income group of the society. The company has 10 types of houses (A to J). These house vary from 310m2-513m2 on a 10002 plot area. The company uses top quality finishing materials for the houses to mention a few of them Green Indian marble top, hardwood floors, Marco polo tiles and leg rand electrical appliance. Country Club plans to build 1100 houses on phase another 1000 on phase B. on a 450 hectare land the company has acquired from Oromia government. The total development cost.


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